Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan Review

Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan 3

When driving a regular Lamborghini Huracan ceases to be thrill, it is time for aftermarket companies to launch a new conversion and modification of design and performance. The tunerMansory has presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show the Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan targeting sports car collectors.

Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan 3

Let`s start the review with the name of the car. It refers to the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series. To achieve the specifications needed for motorsports range, Mansory has upgraded engine which now boasts more than 1,000 hp. That is a surpassing outcome compared to a standard Lamborghini Huracan supercar with a maximum power of 610 hp. The car needs 2,7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62mph. The 5.2-liter V10 power unit features upgraded rotating cylindrical shafts, pistons, camshafts, exhaust system and a fuel system.

Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan

What else? The manufacturer claims that “radical changes” in performance components have been made. The tuning company has used modified front air intakes for better cooling. The body is wider featuring more notable wheel arches and side mirrors. In fact, the conversion is 3 millimeters wider at the front, and 40 millimeters at the back. To enhance the performance of the new Lamborghini Huracan, the tuner has added a new diffuser and rear spoiler.

The design of the Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan is based on the extensive use of light yet strong carbon fiber panels and details. Among the exterior accents are the forged alloy wheels measuring 20 inches in front and 21 in the rear combined with 245/30ZR20 front tires and 325/25ZR21 back tires.Inside the cabin is wrapped in leather and Alcantara fabric. The interior refinements also include aluminum pedals and carbon fibre.

Mansory Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan 2

Ford GT By Wheelsandmore

The legendary Ford GT is recognizable to car enthusiasts with its exceptional performance and muscle appearance. The sports car is associated with the racing heritage. This exotics has been in the spotlight since mid60`s when it was first presented. The Wheelsandmore`s tuning project completely changes the look of the classic Ford GT and transforms it into a precious collectible.

The German tuner fitted the road-going car with a few modifications that significantly improve car`s performance. The output is raised up to 608hp and 790 lb-ft. The conversion is available with even more powerful engine generating 710 hp and 840 lb-ft due to the usage of more capable compressor.

The tuning kit also contains an exhaust system with stainless steel units, sport catalysts as well as valve control. The electronic control unit was remapped to offer high performance. The Ford GT aftermarket kit includes inox steel coil over suspension and adjustable shock absorbers.

The Ford GT by Wheelsandmore sits on custom designed 21 inches forged metal wheels. The lightweight rims feature stainless steel elements, titanium screws and high gloss finish. Tyres are Dunlop Sport Maxx  sizing 9×21 inches on front and 11,5×21 inches on the rear. The handmade rims are among the main highlights of this conversion.

The Ford GT was manufactured 10 years ago. The two-seat racing car uses supercharged V8 engine with mid-mounted layout. The powerplant was capable of 550 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. Originally the vehicle was produced with aluminum chassis and body panels. There were two special editions in 2006 featuring the same performance characteristics and exclusive color schemes.

Ford GT By Wheelsandmore

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car?

The new car paint or coat completely transforms the vehicle`s appearance. Every time you need to change the color or renew the current one, you face the same question: How much does it cost to paint a car? Well, it depends on what you exactly want: complete transformation, whole car painting in the same color, spot painting, or color protection.

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car

Entire Car Paint Job Prices

Usually people want a transformation if the car is damaged or the owner wants to drive an eye-catcher instead of a second hand vehicle. Sometimes the reason to get your car completely painted is that you want to sell it. This is the easiest way of tuning your car and it could be a cost-effective decision

The price to get your car painted depends on materials, labor costs, and size of the vehicle. Consider prices between 500 – 5000 $. Matte finishes, clear coats or any custom-designed patterns will be more expensive. Here is a detailed price list of basic materials needed to repaint a car.

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Mid-sized Car?

  • One gallon of primer ($80-$100)
  • One gallon of Metallic Acrylic Enamel Car Paint for 1 coat ($45)
  • One gallon clear lacquer for 1 coat – ($85)

Total price: >$220

How Much does it Cost to Paint a SUVs and Station Wagons?

  • 3 gallons of primer ($ 300 )
  • 3 gallons of Metallic Acrylic Enamel Car paint for 1 coat – ($150)
  • Two gallons clear lacquer for 1 coat – ($85)

Total price: >$ 540

Take into account that some finishes require more than one coat so consider extra costs. For example nonmetallic shades cover better the body panels than the metallic colors. Another fact to consider is that some vehicles may require specific paints and this could also affect the total costs of car painting.

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car -- Mercedes Benz

Labor Costs

To provide you with a vibrant-looking car, garages will charge you between $ 400 and $3,000 for labor. These costs are determined by season, materials and size of car.

How Much is Spot Painting?

Spot painting could camouflage some panels that need repair or could accentuate the exterior of the vehicle. In fact, to blend the new and old paint is not an easy job so you have to choose experienced aftermarket specialists. The job includes masking and spray paint. Spot painting will cost between $400- $500. Also, you have to purchase spray paint cans. You will need up to 30 cans for a medium-sized car and more than 60 cans for a SUV. These materials will cost between $25 and $90.

Fancy Paint Protection – Foil Car Wrapping and Styling

Wrapping is considered an alternative to painting. This sophisticated technique individualizes the car and makes it an object of desire. It provides a complete new look to the vehicle. This design solution offers many color variations and special effects such as pearl, metallic, matte, 3D Carbon and Chrome. The ultra-thin film protects the body parts from damage.

The price of entire car wraps starts from $ 3500 at vinyl wrap studios. They offer complete services including custom designed graphics.

Some aftermarket companies use additional techniques to protect the paint, such as clear coat.

2014 Saleen 351 Mustang

The US entrepreneur Saleen Automotive has developed brand`s most extreme creation 2014 Saleen 351 Mustang. In fact, the automaker has already started the production of a latest generation 351 Mustang. The company revealed the Saleen 351 Mustang two years ago.

2014 Saleen 351 Mustang

The extreme Ford conversion is powered by a 5.75-liter V-8 supercharged engine 700 horsepower and 655 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The 2014 Saleen 351 Mustang is fitted with a special inter-cooler fuel injectors, a high-performance clutch, ultra light flywheel, unique suspension and 14-inch brakes setup.

Inside, the passengers are surrounded by exclusive ambiance due to the use two-tone leather and Alcantara trim, brand door sills and an individual dash plaque.

2014 Saleen 351 Mustang is priced at $82,634.

2014 Saleen 351 Mustang  Tech specs


Saleen supercharger with asymmetric multi-lobe screws
Torque: 655 ft-lb
Low pressure prop intercooler
High volume intercooler water pump
Remote heat exchanger
High-performance calibration
62lb fuel injectors
Forged aluminum pistons
Forged steel crankshaft
Forged steel connecting rods
High performance valve springs and camshafts
6-Speed manual transmission
3.73:1 Final Gear Ratio
Saleen high-performance suspension


High volume radiator intake, integrated brake intakes and side vents
Blade front grille
Integrated front splitter
Heat exchanger intakes
Integrated brake intakes into side skirts
Rear fascia with dual exhaust cooling vents
High downforce rear diffuser and Wing

Tires and wheels

275/35ZR20 (front)
275/40ZR20 (rear)
5-spoke Alloy Painted Silver 20”x9”


Leather shift knob and shift boot
200 MPH Gauge cluster
Gauge pod with boost and air charge temperature gauges
Illuminated door sill plates