Leblanc Mirabeau concept

Leblanc Mirabeau concept is inspired of the spirit of race. The supercar complies all FIA/Le Mans standards but can be also driven on public roads. Mirabeau concept name was named after a Monte Carlo Formula 1 circuit.

Leblanc Mirabeau concept car

This is the second supercar created by the Swiss company Wysstec. Leblanc Caroline is a Mirabeau concept predecessor. The first concept was powered by a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine with 512 bhp (381.8 kilowatts). The power combined with a surprisingly lightweight construction of just 785 kg made the vehicle one of the quickest road supercars. The exotic vehicle accelerated from 0 to 100kmh in only 2.7 seconds.

The Leblanc Mirabeau is made out of Kevlar, carbon fibre, and ultra-light components. It weighs just 812 kg. The Swiss concept uses Koenigsegg CCR`engine. The mighty powerplant is a 4.7 litres aluminium V8 with four valves per cylinder, and double overhead camshafts. The engine delivers 806 bhp at 6,900 rpm and maximum torque of 920 Nm (678 ftlb) at 5,700 rpm. The powertrain is mated to a six speed sequential Cima gearbox.

Leblanc Mirabeau concept car

The Leblanc Mirabeau concept is 358 kilograms lighter than the Swedish car Koenigsegg.

Leblanc Mirabeau drivetrain

Technical Data

Powertrain Layout: Mid Engine / RW
Weight: 812 kg
Length: 4550 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 980 mm
Wheelbase: 2800 mm
Front / Rear Track: 1733 mm / 1682 mm

Type: V8 Supercharged
Displacement: 4.7 l
Power: 700 bhp
Torque: 850 Nm
Max Engine Speed: 7600 rpm

Le Mans:
– 18″ x 10.5″ Front
– 18″ x 12.5″ Rear
– 19″ x 10.5″ Front
– 19″ x 12.5″ Rear

Transmission: 6-speed sequential
Top Speed:(approx. 370 km/h

Base Price (excl. VAT): 478 000 Euro

Semiautomatic Gear Shifting: 52 000 Euro
Further options on request

George Barris sold his1966 Batmobile

The one-of a kind supercar from the ‘Batman’ TV series of the 1960s – 1966 Batmobile, was sold at the 2013 Barrett-Jackson car auction for an unbelievable price of $4,620,000.

1966 Batmobile

The owner and designer of the exotic vehicle is the custom car builder George Barris.

He is a legend in the world of television and motion pictures. His private collection of cars includes famed TV vehicles from Starsky & Hutch movie, Torino Green Hornet and Monkee Mobile.

1966 Batmobile

In fact, Barris`s most famous creation is the 1966 Batmobile. The the black and orange supercar was created in just two weeks. The crew took an inspiration from a Lincoln Futura show car.

This is the first time the futuristic concept car has ever been offered for sale. The owner explained his decision emotionally: “I just feel like it’s time to let other people share it.”

1966 Batmobile

In fact, Barris has a private museum with many other cars built for TV shows, movies and an impressive host of celebrities.

1966 Batmobile

1966 Batmobile

1966 Batmobile

Image credit: Autoblog.com