Mercedes-AMG R50

The German leader in automotive industry surprises again! Mercedes-AMG is always a step ahead of its rivals in supercar industry in terms of innovation. The German company is in process to build a Mercedes-AMG R50 – a record-breaking road going supercar.

Mercedes-AMG R50

The new R50 AMG features a 1,300hp hybrid powertrain. Two electric motors each producing 150hp will power the front wheels. They will support the mid-mounted 1,000 hp 4-cylinders turbo engine. The Mercedes-AMG hypercar will weigh 1,300 kilograms due to the extensive use of carbon fibre.

The two-seater should also be among the fastest of its kind.

Among the technical innovations are the recently introduced rear wheel steering as well as a the computer-controlled automotive suspension.

The extremely bold design is inspired by the racer Mercedes CLK GTR. Visually, the upcoming member of the AMG lineup boasts an aggressive appearance.The seats are set close because the cockpit is relatively narrow. The new R50 AMG features large wheels and a carbon fibre wing.

The Mercedes-AMG R50 will hit the car show scenes in 2018 – an year which is celebratory for the German brand.