1,200hp Lamborghini Gallardo by Dallas Performance


Dallas Performance LLC has presented one of their crazy project – a twin turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo boasting 1200hp. The makeover was ordered by Lamborghini owner that wanted more power. The US tuner offers a standard package that provides 650whp with 93 Octane Fuel and 800+ whp with E85 or VP C16 Race Fuel.


The driver of the 2004 Gallardo wanted an 300whp extra, so Dallas-based company added a Stage 2 performance kit, including a twin turbo system with forged engine internals.


2004 Lamborghini Gallardo was designed in cooperation between Italdesign Giugiaro and Lamborghini’s expert Luc Donckerwolcke. The two-seater features distinctive appearance and brutal power coming from a V10 engine. In 2004 Lamborghini said it would build 1300 Gallardos a year.