2012 Paris Motor Show accents

The Paris Motor Show is the event that brought to light many concepts and unique cars.

The star of this expo was the British concept McLaren P1. In 2012 McLaren showed the exceptional supercar as a design. We will see the production version in 2013. The McLaren company will produce just 500 examples of the P1. The supercar is priced at 700,000 GBP.

Bentley gt3 concept racer
Another British supercar that grabbed the attention of the audience at 2012 Paris Motor Show was Bentley Continental GT3 Concept. The racer will be eligible to race in a range of race series and marathons. Bentley stripped over 1,000 kg of weight from their Continental GT road car to make the GT3 a competitive.

One of the eye-catchers in Paris was the new sports car Jaguar F-Type. It is available with V8 engine generating (495hp and 625Nm of torque) and a V6 powerplant which is offered as standard and as an S edition. One of the most attractive facts is the affordable price of the Jaguar F-Type – at about 60,000 GBP.

The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept features high end edge hybrid technology. The concept is wider, lower and shorter than the standard Panamera edition. Panamera Sport Turismo is powered by an electric motor producing around 95hp, combined with a supercharged three-litre V6 engine with 333hp. In pure electric mode, the Panamera concept has a top speed of 130km/h and cover distances of 30km.