Bentley Continental wrapped in chrom and carbon

About WrapStyle

 WrapStyle™ offers exclusive services of the highest rank and approaches individually each client. The company combines perfect craftsmanship, professionalism and experience.

Nowadays, vinyl styling or paint protecting has become the new must-have for people with supercars. WrapStyle provides improvements, solutions and services such as automotive window tint/protection films, 3d vinyl foil and Swissvax car care products.

Changes of paint or its protection has never been so durable and even affordable.

WrapStyle™ has performed over 2,000 installations including breathtaking Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, Aston Martin.

The company has exclusively introduced 3D CHROM technology and has gained the exclusivity. This unique material is an absolute sensation in the whole vinyl foil wrapping industry.

Car wraps are becoming very popular. Owners turn their car into a big mirror that reflects the sky.