Pagani Huayra BC

Many special edition cars were built to honor the brand founder’s name but only one was named after the first customer. The BC abbreviation in the name of the latest Pagani Huayra BC concept car stands for Horacio Pagani’s first client – Benny Caiola. This is not surprising given the fact that the exotic Italian automaker has been always focused on customer demands.

The Pagani Huayra BC with door opened

The special edition was presented at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. In fact, the original Huayra was also firstly showcased at the same prestigious event.

The Pagani Huayra BC

The Pagani Huayra BC looks far more athletic than the original model. Except for the roof, the Italian automaker has developed a completely new design. The latest Pagani exotic car features enormous rear wing, bold front spoiler, and oversized wheels.

The Pagani Huayra BC - 1

The BC version packs a more powerful 6.0-liter bi-turbo V12 Mercedes-AMG engine. It delivers 780 horsepower. It is 50 hp more than the outgoing version. The engine mates to a new lightweight 7-speed automated manual transmission.

The Pagani Huayra BC front view

The BC is 290 pounds lighter than the “common”Pagani Huayra. The aluminum-alloy suspension as well as the carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes contribute to the weight reduction.

The Pagani Huayra BC’s interior features plenty of carbon fiber details and fine leather surfaces.

 Pagani Huayra BC rear view

The Huayra BC is priced at $2.5 million. Only 20 BC units will be manufactured. This exclusivity attracts supercar collectors. Rumors said that they are already sold out. The Italian car maker reports that in the last five years 100 Huayra supercars have found owners.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

The Zonda Revolucion is an extreme track edition based on the Pagani Zonda R. The new brand supercar was presented during Vanishing Point 2013.


Pagani Zonda Revolucion

The Zonda Revolucion racing specifications include an AMG 6.0-liter V12 engine pumping out 800 hp and 730 Nm of torque. The carbon-titanium body weighs 1,070kg. This combination offers power to weight ratio of 748hp per tonne.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

The engine of the the fastest Pagani vehicle ever is mated to a 6-speed magnesium transversal and sequential gearbox. The Pagani Zonda Revolucion comes with revised aerodynamics featuring new deflectors on the front bonnet and vertical stabilizer on the rear bonnet. The Pagani engineers have used a F1 Drag-Reduction-System to the rear wing. It can be controlled through special button on the steering wheel.

The breathtaking Pagani Zonda Revolucion is priced at 2.2 million Euros ($2.9 million).

Pagani Huayra roadster renderings

The open-air version or the Pagani Huayra is one of the most eagerly anticipated cars in the world. Before the real premiere, the Italian design student from IED Turin Aldo Maria Sica created an impressive renderings.

Pagani Huayra roadster renderings

Pagani Huayra roadster renderings

The young designer visualized the topless Huayra with a constructable roof consisting of three elements with flexible joints.

These renderings preview how the Pagani Huayra Roadster would look like. The real design of the Huayra Roadster remains to be known in the feature.

Pagani Huayra roadster renderings