The Shoei Neotec: Compromise Leads To Innovation

Many motorcycle riders look for compromises as far as equipment and accessories. This is especially true regarding motorcycle helmet design. For recreational and sport riders alike, a common head protector on many wish lists is a modular style model that sports a flip front and provides riders with the versatility and freedom of an open face helmet but delivers the security of a full facetype. This desirable combination of features has come to fruition with the Shoei Neotec. Building on over fifty years of tradition, quality craftsmanship and safety,the Shoei Neotec brand bridges the gap between innovation and affordability.

Shoei Neotec Brilliant Yellow

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Other headgear manufacturers have tried to incorporate the best features of open face and closed face products. Hybrid helmets that are less expensive are noisy and riders may feel only a modest level of protection. Additionally, these units lack the comfort of higher cost head protectors. While costlier modular models have much better build quality, their interior shape may not fit certain head types. The Shoei Neotec is better able to address these concerns with a design that is comfortable, quiet and most cost conscious.

Shoei Neotec Modular Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black
Shoei Neotec White Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race

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The Shoei Neotec features three shell sizes that can fit any size head, whether it is extra small or 2XL. The cheek pads that come standard in the Neotec can be easily removed and replaced with pads of different thicknesses, allowing for a more comfortable and custom fit. The outer shell is constructed with an organic weave of high-tech fiberglass and other organic materials which make the Neotec strong and durable. The Neotec also features a spoiler that is fully integrated into the helmet’s design.

A standout feature of the Shoei Neotec is its innovative flip up chin bar and face shield. This design offers riders the best characteristics that are found in full-face helmets and can easily be converted into an a more open configuration. This is possible through the utilization of an an enlarged lock release button that can facilitate easy handling, even if the rider is wearing gloves. The Neotec’s chin bar and face shield are lightweight and are designed to rotate with smooth precision on a single axis point, which results in the seamless versatility and integration of a true hybrid helmet design.

Shoei Neotec Matte Deep Gray

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Shoei’s face shield is taller and wider than those found in previous series and help block almost all of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Shoei’s patented molding process ensures that riders experience distortion-free viewing throughout the entire viewing field. With the addition of an easy to use base system, changing visors on the Neotec is simple. The Neotec also comes equipped with the patented Pinlock Fog-Resistant System, which offers the most effective anti-fog protection available on the market today. The Pinlock system is easily installed by a simple, one-step process.

The Neotec also features their patented sun shield which gives riders instant relief from sun. Wearers can easily flip the sun shield in place by the use of a large, easily located switch, and this shield blocks most all of the sun’s damaging UV rays. The outer shell is raised slightly around the forehead to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing for the helmet’s inner liner to remain intact. Additionally, this proprietary sun shield exceeds all applicable safety standards in place for all non-prescription eyewear.

Shoei Neotec Light Silver

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The Shoei Neotec also features a highly efficient ventilation system. Engineers have equipped the Neotec with a large lower vent shutter for adjustability, an upper vent that can be adjusted in three different positions for optimal air intake, and a upper exhaust outlet that takes advantage of any negative pressure suction. This dramatically aids the removal of hot air while allowing incoming and cooler air to freely circulate throughout the helmet. The Neotec also comes standard with dual EPS liners for maximum protection and the entire interior system is fully removable, washable and made with anti-microbial material.

With its impeccable design considerations, use of innovative features, space-age materials and legendary craftsmanship, the Shoei Neotec is a modular-style helmet that had improved from its predecessors. It offers riders the most desirable features of both open- and closed-faced designs for a price that is more down to earth.