Popular Brands and Product Reviews of the Top Helmets

Helmet Brands

Whether you are an experienced rider or are just starting as a motorcycle enthusiast, the motorcycle helmet is a mandatory accessory that you can’t afford to cut corners. A quality motorcycle accessory features inner and outer construction that will help protect you in the event of a collision and help reduce the likelihood of major injury. The latest headgear models are designed to also protect you from the impacts of buffering and drag. They contain excellent ventilation systems that will keep you cool, comfortable and dry. Additionally, today’s head protectors come in a variety of styles and graphic packages that are eye-catching and add an element of cool.

With the wide variety of manufacturers producing and selling quality bike helmets, it can be difficult choosing the right product that best fits you and your riding style. Along with the all-important safety, aerodynamic and ventilation features that many helmets contain, the most attractive feature for many riders is price. Before you buy any protective gear, it is important to do thorough research and try out several brands at your local motorcycle dealership. The following are product reviews of helmets from 14 of the top manufacturers to help you get started.



AFXAFX has been manufacturing high-quality helmet for both on-road and off-road enthusiasts since the mid 1990’s. AFX designs motorcycle accessories that get the most value for your dollar, but it doesn’t mean they skimp on innovative and necessary features. AFX models strike the perfect balance between functionality, style and affordability.

AFX FX-90 Full Face

The FX-90 Full Face head coverage features a sleek, aerodynamic design with an outer shell that is constructed with a lightweight and durable composite polycarbonate alloy. The unit also boasts an inner liner that is made with anti-microbial material that is also hypoallergenic. Additionally, the FX-90 also has a ventilation system that offers excellent airflow throughout the helmet, offering the best in airflow and comfort for the rider.

AFX FX-42 Pilot Open Face

This head protector sports an open-faced design which meets or exceeds the safety standards and requirements put forth by both the DOT and ECE. Like many of the accessories made by AFX, the outer shell is constructed with a polycarbonate alloy composite that is lightweight and extremely durable. The FX-42A also features cheek pads and inner linings that are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Additionally, the FX-42A comes equipped with quick release face shield that is scratch resistant and provides excellent UV ray protection.


For those who walk on the wild side, the FX-70 employs a shorty design that features a removable snap-on visor. The polycarbonate alloy outer shell is lightweight and its construction meets the safety standards put forth by the DOT. Additionally, the FX-70 has ear covers that are removable, and a nylon inner lining that is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.



For nearly 60 years, AGV has established itself as a manufacturer that is at the forefront in headgear design and innovation. As a company, AGV provides riders of all disciplines quality motorcycle head protectors that are functional, safe and versatile. Whether you are a recreational rider, off-road enthusiast or are a racer, AGV offers accessories that have a great attention to detail and also have the flair that belies their Italian roots.

AVG K-4 EVO Full Face

Whether you are cruising downtown or flying down the open road, the K-4 EVO is a both well-balanced and versatile to be used in many riding situations. The unit features a unique fiber construction, ventilation system as well as faceguard and shield system that can be found in more expensive lines for a more affordable price. In addition to the standard features, the K-4 EVO also boasts a unique inner lining that is removable and washable as well as an innovative anti-theft mechanism on its strap system.

Miglia (Longway) II

For those riders who desire a more versatile modular design for their helmet, the Longway II is an excellent choice. The outer shell is created with a unique thermoplastic resin that is highly resistant to the environment and features a scratch-proof and fog resistant visor. Additionally, the Longway II comes equipped with front and rear ventilation system that provides maximum airflow for riders.


For riders who love the thrill of off-road excitement, the MT-X is built specifically for the rigors of the rugged terrain and the dirt track. To protect against impact, the unit is constructed with the highest quality thermoplastic resin and features an EPS inner lining with cushion and disperse impact energy. The large ducts that comprise the ventilation system provide riders with proper ventilation.


Arai logo

With a name and reputation that has stood for quality and experience, Arai has been producing motorcycle helmets that are innovative, yet providing the necessary features that all riders require. For several decades, Arai’s mission of pursuing quality and unparalleled customer service has made them the number one choice in motorsports.

Corsair V

The Corsair V features a unique oval interior that provides riders with a more custom and comfortable fit. The aerodynamic design of this product greatly reduces the effects of buffering and drag and its’ patented ventilation system is fully adjustable. The aerodynamic design is unique in the fact that it features five different ways that you can adjust the angles of the helmet to accommodate normal every street riding to intense racing action.


The XD4 is unique in the fact that its design is suitable for both the asphalt and the dirt track. The helmet features a redesigned shell system and oval interior for a more comfortable fit. The XD4 also has a new ventilation system for maximum airflow and cheek pads that are removable so riders can install different pads for a perfect overall fit.

Signet Q

As with the other helmets designed by Arai, the Signet Q features an oval shape which allows the best fitting options for all riders. The Signet Q also has removable cheek and temple pads and the inner liner and neck roll is completely removable and washable. The Signet Q also sports a more aggressive, aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance and drag, even at high speeds.


bell helmets

For over 60 years, Bell has been a preeminent head protector manufacturer that puts function and form before aesthetics. Bell helmets are rugged, built tough and provide riders with a comfortable and safe riding experience which is second to none. Meticulously designed, lab tested and road approved, when you buy a Bell helmet, you are continuing a legacy of quality that keeps up to grow.

Star Carbon

This aggressive and sleek-looking motorcycle accessory continues to set the standard for high performance. The Star Carbon features a unique ventilation system that is setting airflow amount and provides the best in temperature control. The unit also has an extremely durable carbon composite outer shell and a stable aerodynamic profile the helps minimize the effects of buffering and lift, resulting in a more comfortable ride.


For those riders looking for an eye-catching and versatile head protector, the Rogue is an excellent choice. The Rogue features a half-helmet design that provides riders the comfort that is found in three-quarter models. With the addition of a muzzle, those who wear the Rogue will turn heads in any riding situation. The helmet also boasts a composite shell and lightweight interior.


Those riders who are looking for an aggressive helmet loaded with a wide variety of characteristics need to check out the Qualifier. The helmet features a patented quick release visor system, a fully adjustable ventilation system and integrated speaker pockets. Additionally, the Qualifier also comes equipped with padded chin strap and wind collar and has cheek pads that can peel away and are removable.


hjc logo

This California-based company manufactures motorcycle headgear exclusively, which allows them to produce innovative head protectors that are extensively lab and road tested for an unbeatable price. HJC Helmets are the number one brand in North America and continue to raise the bar in innovation and style.


The FG-17 features an aggressive wind-tunnel tested design that can withstand the rigors of the road. The outer shell is constructed from a lightweight and durable material made from a fiberglass composite. The interior of the FG-17 is easily removable and has a face shield system that allows rider to interchange shields quickly and without the use of tools. Additionally, the interior of the FG-17 is completely removable, washable and is made from materials that repel moisture and are anti-bacterial.


This helmet is unique in the fact that it is constructed with a unique blend of materials, which include carbon fibers, fiberglass, and non-organic fabrics. The RPHA Max comes with several outer shell sizes to ensure the best fit and features a smoke-tinted, scratch-resistant sunscreen in which riders can easily employ with a simple motion.


The IS-33 helmet features an open-face design that is constructed with an advanced blend of polycarbonate and composite fibers. The face shield is easily flipped up and provides the maximum in UV protection. The IS-33 also comes equipped with a patented ventilation system that channels airflow effectively as well as an interior that wicks away moisture. The inner parts are comfortable and removable and are made with anti-bacterial materials.


icon helmets logo

Icon Helmets are eye-catching, innovate and ooze attitude and swagger. For the motorcycle enthusiast who seeks the important safety and comfort features in a package that will stand out in a crowd, Icon models are increasingly becoming the product of choice among riders worldwide.


This sleek unit is constructed with a polycarbonate shell that is injected and provides the maximum in stability and durability. For a custom fit with maximum comfort, the Airmada comes in four different shell sizes and provides riders with a fully-adjustable venting system for both the chin and forehead. This mechanism allows riders to continually maintain proper temperature and ventilation for any riding situation.


The Airframe features a unique construction of carbon and fiberglass for its outer shell and has large ports in the front and back for maximum airflow, temperature control and comfort. The shield system features a quick change and locking system and is fog-resistant. To help reduce the effects of buffering, the Airframe also boasts a specially designed rear wing spoiler.

Variant Thriller

For those who walk on the wild side, the Variant Thriller can provide riders with characteristics and look that stand out from the crowd. The model features its unique carbon fiber and fiberglass outer shell and multi-inlet vent system that has been an industry leader. What makes the Variant Thriller stand out is its glow-in-the-dark graphics and angular design.



Founded in Japan, Kabuto designs and sells head protectors that are designed with three crucial elements: style, strength and safety. Kabuto’s mission is to create products that are innovative in their technology and uncompromising in their quality. Family owned and operated, you can be assured that when you wear a Kabuto headgear you are getting the best quality helmet that will last you many years to come.


The FF-5V features an aggressive looking and aerodynamic design that incorporates advanced composite materials that are lightweight, durable and help protects riders in any situation. This unit also has an impact liner that is highly absorbent. The accessory exceeds the safety standard put forth by the DOT and features a ventilation system that is able to quickly remove hot and humid air and replace it with cool and comfortable air.

Aeroblade 3

As its name implies, the Aeroblade 3 is a highly aerodynamic helmet that has been extensively wind tunnel tested. The model features the company’s unique quick change shield system and an interior which allows riders to remain cool and comfortable in any climate. The Aeroblade 3 also employs wind stabilization technology that allows the helmet to be secure, even in the worst wind conditions.


For those touring riders who put on mile after mile, the Kabuto Kamui is a lightweight and durable helmet that provides riders with the maximum in comfort. As with the other helmets made by Kabuto, the Kamui has an interior that is fully removable and washable. The inner material keeps riders cool and comfortable at all times. The Kamui also features a face shield system that can quickly release and comes with shields that are fog-resistant.


lazer logo

LaZer provides riders many variations to choose from, no matter what the riding style or preference. LaZer designs helmets for motorcyclists who fully enjoy the freedom of the open road. The company manufactures models that allow riders to feel that total freedom without sacrificing essential safety, ventilation and comfort features.


The Bayamo is a full-face coverage which is versatile and fully functional. From its injected polycarbonate shell, quick releasing visor system to its fully removable chin curtain and nose deflector systems, the LaZer Bayamo has all your bases covered.

RC Sportster

For the newcomer to the world of motorcycle riding, the RC Sportster is an ideal head protector for the beginner that sports the necessary safety and comfort features while providing Bluetooth capability. The Sportster is available in six sizes and comes with a unique Technopolymer shell that is injected for maximum comfort and durability. This unit also features an interior that is removable and completely washable.


The Osprey was designed for competition with a fiber-injected shield and full ventilation system. The visor features a quick release system and is reinforced with a high-durability aluminum blend. The ergonomically designed interior boasts material that can be completely removable and easily washable, and as with all LaZer helmets, the Osprey comes equipped with cheek pads that are fully extractable and customizable.



Since 1972, Nolan is an Italian-based company and offers high-quality products that are constructed with the finest materials and are held to exacting quality control standards. Nolan prides itself on having their own research and design team and features unparalleled customer service.


The Nolan N104 head protector employs an innovative modular design that comes equipped with an extra-large and optically correct visor which allows full vision for riders. The element and shield system is also fitted with a quick release mechanism and the visors are scratch, fog and UV resistant. The N104 also features a front and rear vent system which is easily adjustable.


This model is an update of the popular N43E series and features an outer shell created with a proprietary polycarbonate construction that is lightweight and allows for more proportionate sizing. The ventilation system not only has front and rear intake and exhaust ports, it also contains a ventilation system in the chin guard area.


The N-91 is full-face head coverage with a flip-up face shield that is easily removable. With its modern look and styling, the N-91 is suitable for urban riding as well as touring. The N-91 is constructed with a polycarbonate shell and is specially coated for maximum protection from abrasions.


For over 70 years, Schuberth has produced high quality headgear and accessories that are durable, innovative and sport the Classic German craftsmanship and attention to detail. Schuberth employs an exacting quality-oriented approach in their designs and products are extensively tested in both the laboratory and open road.

C3 Pro

The C3 Pro’s outer shell is constructed with Schuberth’s unique compression molding process which guarantees the maximum in stability while being lightweight and durable. The shell also features an EPS lining which provides riders with the best in cases of impact and disbursement of collision energy. With its inner foam that is adjustable and antibacterial, the C3Pro provides riders with maximum comfort.


The S2 has been designed to provide wearers with the best aerodynamics and maximum protection. The outer shell is comprised of a unique glass fiber and resin composite which provides excellent durability and stability. As with other Schuberth helmets, the S2 unit has EPS lining. The interior is removable, washable and anti-bacterial.


scorpion logo

For those riders who are looking for head protectors that feature the best in professional design, Scorpion helmets are created by professionals with the most experience in the headgear business. Scorpion is dedicated in providing helmets for all riders that are high quality, innovative and affordable.

EXO R-2000 Masbou SS

This model was designed in collaboration with motocross star Alexis Masbou. This lightweight unit is constructed with the company’s patented composite shell materials and features technology that creates an airtight seal around the faceguard. Its aerodynamic shape allows the best in wind resistance and comes standard with an advanced ventilation system.

EXO R-410

The EXO R-410 boasts a unique and aggressive looking design that is very lightweight and comfortable. This product also comes with easily removable and customizable cheek pads, custom neck roll and anti-fog visors. Additionally, the EXO R-410 is equipped with a quick release system in case of an emergency.


Shark Helmets

With 25 years of experience, French-based Shark brand is leading the way in the innovation of helmet design. The company was founded by racers and the racing aesthetic is prevalent in their designs and craftsmanship. The company pushes the boundaries while retaining important safety and comfort characteristics for all riders to enjoy.

Evoline Series 3

This lightweight helmet features improvement from its predecessor with an upgraded liner system that is fully removable. The cheek pad system is easily removable and customizable. In both full faced and open faced applications, the Evoline Series 3 is fully aerodynamic and greatly reduces noise and buffering.


This model is ready for the urban jungle and is constructed with a unique resin that is thermodynamic for excellent protection and durability. It also features a quick release goggle mechanism and the visor is both fog and scratch resistant. The interior is constructed for maximum comfort with quality lining.



This venerable Japanese manufacturer has been at the forefront of headgear design and manufacturing for nearly 60 years. Shoei was among the first manufacturers to integrate fiberglass, polycarbonate fiber and space age materials in their products. Additionally, Shoei is famous with innovations such as quick shield change systems and chin spoilers.

Journey GT-Air

This Shoei model is packed with a flip down sun visor and multi-layered lining featuring extended poly styrene. Its aerodynamic design greatly reduces wind noise and drag. It comes with a full chin curtain and fully removal interior that is washable. As with all Shoei helmets, the Journey series comes with a five year warranty.


The Qwest is a touring helmet which has been designed to be lightweight and provides riders with the maximum in comfort and protection. The Qwest comes in four different outer shell sizes for the perfect fit for all riders. Additionally, the Qwest is equipped with the visor system that is tightly sealed and allows rider full vision.

Speed & Strength

Speed and Strength logo

Speed & Strength is the new kid on the block and offers riders head protectors that are bold in design and rich in features. Built for speed and strength, the company offers a full line of motorcycle gear including jackets, boots, pants, footwear and sportswear.

Urge Overkill

This new line of headgear features an outer shell which is constructed with a custom fiberglass that meets and exceeds the safety standards instituted by the DOT and ECE. The Urge Overkill also features a top notch ventilation system and an airtight face shield system which is UV, scratch and fog resistant.

Lock & Load

The Lock & Load has an outer shell that is constructed with a polycarbonate alloy and meets DOT and ECE safety standards. The inner liner is completely removable and washable and features materials that wick moisture away from riders. Additionally, the inner material is removable and washable. The face shield system of the Lock & Load is fog and scratch resistant and provides riders with excellent UV protection.