The Icon Airmada: Back to Basics

Based in the United States, Icon is a company renowned for eye-grabbing helmets that scream attitude. In the design of their Airmada line of motorcycle helmets, the company was looking to eliminate the extra elements common on many bike helmets and reduce the profile in order to achieve a helmet that is lean, mean and features better aerodynamics. As a result, the Airmada is a comfortable, lightweight head protector in which motorcyclists could ride more comfortably and safely. The Icon Airmada delivers relaxation, security at attractive price.

Icon Airmada Helmet

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The outer shell of the Icon Airmada is constructed from polycarbonate material that is injection molded. This part feature several layers of energy absorbing poly styrene inner liners. While the outer shell is created for maximum strength and durability, the multi-layered inner foam gives the helmet a lighter, better fit for all head sizes. The Airmada has the custom fit and feel of a more expensive helmet that provides riders with a snug and supportive feel. The Airmada is a versatile head protector that can be used for normal street riding or on the racetrack.

Airmada Ganesh Red

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The Airmada is also equipped with an integrated rear spoiler that provides the rider much needed stability. This unit also features brand`s patented Prolock shield locking system which helps keep the shield in place, even at the higher track speeds. The shield is created with fog-free Icon Optics material. These shields can be quickly removed and replaced. Additionally, the inner liner is both removable, washable and is made with the company’s patented antimicrobial and moisture wicking fabric.

Icon Airmada Ganesh Helmet

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The Icon Airmada also features bold and innovative improvements with its venting system. Previous models of the Airmada featured five air vents; the new Airmada model has seven large vents as part of its’ revamped system. In addition to the added vents, the Airmada features a sunken dual channel super vent which is located at the top of the product. The Airmada is also fitted with newly added mid-chin vent as well as vents located by the brow and side of the chin. These outlets give the Airmada a myriad of venting combinations and options. This innovative venting system was design to be 45 degrees to the body, and as a result the venting works well at both lower speeds as well as highway and track speed.

While this helmet would meet the needs of all riders, the Airmada is marketed towards the younger rider with modern and bold tastes. Despite its lean and basic look, safety and comfort are still paramount in its design. The Icon Airmada meets worldwide standard safety requirements and each helmet gets Icon’s premium padding.

Icon Airmada Chantilly

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Arguably, the biggest selling point of the Icon Airmada is the choice of eye-catching and bold graphics. As a company, Icon boasts some of the most forward leaning graphics in the motorcycle accessory business. The designers at Icon offer riders three packages that glow in the dark, which such names as Chainbrain, Hoodoo and Charmer. Additionally, designers have also developed graphics packages that are limited edition. The graphics are crisp and full-colored which give the Airmada attention grabbing appeal once it is removed from the box. The Airmada also comes with shield side plates that feature matching designs for that custom paint look.

The Airmada helmet continues the tradition of helmet lines that are aggressive, yet functional and with safety in mind. The improved Airmada builds upon its predecessors with lightweight and ergonomic designs that fit to the contours of each rider’s head. With its improved ventilation system, riders can ride in the utmost of comfort whether they are riding across town or across the country. The multi-layer foam liners provide comfort and protection from accidents and other forms of impact. The visor and shield system are fog resistant for many driving conditions and can be replaced quickly and effortlessly. Overall, the helmet meets the necessary safety standards that are instituted worldwide so you can be assured that your Icon Airmada helmet is the best investment regarding your safety.

Icon Airmada Ravenous

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The best feature of the Airmada helmet is its’ price. For just under $200, you can own a helmet that is attention grabbing, versatile and provides the best protection. Own an Airmada today!