The HJC CL-16: World-Class Helmets for a Bread-and-Butter Price

For many riders, finding a motorcycle helmet that balances function, versatility, safety and affordability can be a challenge. While an inexpensive helmet may be easier on the wallet, it may skimp on those important features that will protect you in case of a crash. Likewise, other helmets manufacturers may provide riders with products that have all the bells and whistles, but the higher price points may scare many riders. Understanding the importance of safety and versatility with affordability, HJC has designed and manufactured the CL-16 line of helmets. With the HJC CL-16, you can get a high-quality product for an unbeatable price.

HJC CL-16 Review

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The CL-16: Enhanced Safety and Security

Many inexpensive helmet models may look and feel great, but may lack the most important feature, which is safety. At its’ price point, the HJC CL-16 is one of the few “budget” helmets that are both DOT and Snell 2010 safety certified. The CL-16 is constructed with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. Weighing in at 8 pounds, this unit is lightweight and boasts both superior fit and comfort. These features are made possible by its construction, which utilizes the latest in computer aided design (CAD) technology.

The CL-16: Advanced Vision Technology Comes Standard

HJC CL-16 Silver

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Another important design consideration in creating bike head protectors is allowing for excellent vision both peripherally as well as side-to-side with minimal head movements. The CL-16 features face shields that are Pinlock Prepared. They are 95% UV and fog resistant. Therefore, these face shields are ideal for a variety of driving conditions, from bright sunlight to the driving rain. The CL-16 was also designed for easy replacement of the visor system. Whether you are inserting clear shields or tinted, this helmet comes equipped with its’ patented RapidFire Shield Replacement System. With this mechanism riders can change visors easily quickly, securely, and without the use of tools.

Keep Your Cool with the CL-16’s Advanced Ventilation System

Along with security and vision, another design consideration that cannot be overlooked in headgear design is the ventilation system. Being able to keep your head cool and comfortable while riding enhances the overall safety of the riding experience. The HJC CL-16 features an advanced channeling ventilation system which has excellent ventilation structure on both the front and back of the helmet. These systems allow heat and humidity to leave the helmet and be replaced by cool, comfortable air. The interior of the helmet is lined with SpeedCool fabric, which provides excellent moisture wicking and is odor-free and anti-bacterial.

It’s the Little Things…

HJC CL-16 - Matte Black

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Oftentimes more inexpensive helmet models skimp on the little details that can truly make or break a helmet. Despite its low price point, the CL-16 features those minor details that can elevate a helmet from simply serviceable to truly fantastic. For example, the CL-16 features comfortable chin strap pads that are sewn directly on the chin strap itself. This simple system helps keep the chin strap in place and won’t work its way out during travel. Additionally, the CL-16 features a double D-ring attachment and a plastic strap so riders can retain extra length of the chin strap.

The CL-16: Continuing the HJC Tradition

For more than 40 years, HJC has specialized in making motorcycle helmets exclusively. With their extensive specialized manufacturing experience, innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing, HJC helmets are widely popular in worldwide markets. As a company, HJC strives to provide high quality helmets that are both comfortable, and reasonably priced. When you buy the CL-16 helmet, you can be assured this line is constantly tested in both laboratory and real world situations before they are available for purchase.

HJC CL-16 Helmet - Wine

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HJC is one of the very few helmet companies who come equipped with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory. In these wind tunnels, their helmets are rigorously tested for aerodynamics, ventilation and noise reduction. To keep prices affordable, HJC has 3 helmet factories in 3 different countries; Korea, China and Vietnam. These factories are able to produce helmets at any price point to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world. If you are looking for a quality helmet that is durable and provides you with many years of comfort and security without denting your budget, the HJC CL-16 is a wise investment.