What You Have to Bear in Mind in Selecting the Ideal Bluetooth Helmet?

Top Bluetooth HelmetsEver since its introduction in 1885, the motorcycle helmet has evolved in its design and has become a highly versatile, stylish, and functional piece of motorcycle gear. No matter the price point or helmet style, today’s head protectors contain the latest technological breakthroughs in both construction and features. From space-age and lightweight polycarbonate construction, thin liners that can withstand crash impacts, ventilation systems, and scratch and fog resistant visors, manufacturers offer a wide variety of helmets for riders of all ages and persuasions. Another feature that companies are making standard in their headgeart lines is Bluetooth capability.

Helmets featuring Bluetooth capability is latest and most exciting innovation in the motorcycle accessory market. This technology operates by utilizing radio waves instead of standard cables and wires for communications through smartphones, tablets and laptops. Products that contain Bluetooth feature a small chip that contains the wireless radio that makes it possible to connect between these devices possible. With this method increasingly being incorporated into helmets, it can allow both rider and passenger to communicate effortlessly. This technology also allows riders to communicate with other motorcyclists that have Bluetooth helmets.

Not only does Bluetooth technology allow for excellent hands-free communication, riders and their passengers are also able to listen to music crisply and clearly through high-quality speakers. Both rider and occupant can listen to their own music and if an incoming call comes in, the song automatically cancels for the duration of the phone call and will resume once the call ends.

With its versatility, Bluetooth technology is the next logical step in the innovation and progression of motorcycle head protector design. With the number of these helmets flooding the market, it is important to do diligent research in finding a Bluetooth capable helmet that has the features that you require as well as desire for a price that is truly affordable.

The following are product reviews of some of the top-selling Bluetooth helmets that are currently on the market. In addition to reading product reviews, it is also important to check the various manufacturers’ websites for further information on the models you are looking to purchase. You may also think about visiting your local motorcycle shop or showroom and ask experienced staff if they have any recommendations. When you buy a head protector, you are making a long-term investment. By thoroughly researching and testing various makes and models, you are ensuring that you are making the best long-term investment.

Top Bluetooth Helmets: Product Reviews

Bell Revolver EVO

Bell Revolver EVO Solid Modular Helmet

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For over 60 years, Bell has established itself as a manufacturer that embraces innovation, yet keeps functionality and safety at the forefront. The Bell Revolver EVO is a Bluetooth head protector that embraces a modular design which is quickly becoming popular among producers. The outer shell of the Revolver EVO is made from a polycarbonate composite that is both lightweight and durable. This material meet s the safety specifications and standards put forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The interior of the helmet features cheek pads that are easily removable so riders can install pads of different thicknesses to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. The inner part is removable and is also machine washable. For those who need superb ventilation for trips both near and far, the Revolver EVO features a ventilation system and is highly adjustable to ensure maximum air flow as well as provide riders with excellent temperature control.

This helmet has also been aerodynamically designed to significantly reduce the effects of both buffering and lift that can be experienced at consistent highway speeds on the road. Additionally, the face shields that are featured on the Revolver EVO provide superior protection against both fog and harmful UV rays and are also resistant to scratching and abrasions. With its quality construction, attention to safety and a five-year warranty, the Bell Revolver EVO has taken innovation to another level and will be on the many riders’ short list of must-see and must-buy motorcycle helmets.


HJC CL-MAX 2 Bluetooth Helmet

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For over 40 years, HJC has long been recognized as a manufacturer that produces high quality head protectors that are extensively tested and priced competitively at a price all riders can afford. The CL-Max II is a Bluetooth capable helmet that features a composite outer shell that is constructed from advanced polycarbonate polymers. For those riders concerned about safety, The CL-Max II meets the standards and specifications put forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This lightweight helmet is fitted with a comfortable chin bar that is also constructed with polycarbonate materials and uses the latest in computer aided technological design to ensure an excellent and secure fit for all riders.

The chin bar and the face shield feature a release mechanism that riders can easily flip up and down. The face shield that comes standard on the CL-Max II provides excellent protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The interior of this helmet is both removable, washable and is anti-bacterial. Additionally, the interior material is made from Bioceramic Nylex which has exceptional sweat and moisture wicking capabilities.

Bell Custom 500

While many brands produce high-tech bike helmets that are loaded with innovative features that appeal to the modern rider, there is a segment of the riding population whose tastes gravitate towards retro-inspired designs that are classic, simple and cool. The Bell Custom 500 is a nod to those simpler times. The Custom 500 was first introduced in 1954 by Bell founder Roy Richters, and the model quickly become a popular and iconic product among riders. The revamped version of the Custom 500 retains the spirit of the original, but has added crucial protective features that are a necessity on the open road.

The Bell Custom 500 is constructed with an advanced and custom fiberglass blend built for durability and protection from scratching and abrasions. The inner liner of the Custom 500 features specially designed extended poly styrene fabric (EPS). EPS has become a norm in motorcycle headgear design and will help protect the rider’s head in a collision. The component helps deflect the energy produced from those collisions. These design considerations allow the head protector to be lightweight, comfortably fitting and above all safe. The model is also officially safety approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Even though the Custom 500 features an open-faced design, riders are able to install any number of aftermarket visors or face shields by utilizing the durable snaps that are integrated into the helmet. The Bell Custom 500 also comes equipped with a nicely padded chin strap that can be held securely in place with sturdy ring closures and quality constructed strap keeper mechanisms. Along with the retro-inspired quilted lining, riders can also add custom touches to truly make the helmet their own. The customization options that riders can choose from are paint-inspired graphics as well as custom chrome trim. With the addition of Bell’s 5 year warranty, the Custom 500 is a must for those riders with a taste and passion for the past.


Traditionally, riders who prefer an open-faced design love the look and feel of the helmet but realize they are sacrificing protection and safety. With the HJC IS-33, motorcyclists can enjoy all the comforts and best features of an open-faced helmet while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the safety characteristics that are found in all full-faced models. The outer shell of the IS-33 is made from a composite shell created with advanced polycarbonate fibers and other innovative materials. This helps make the unit lightweight and extremely durable. The product meets all safety standards instituted by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The outer shell has also been aerodynamically designed to greatly reduce the effects of buffering and noise that can occur while riding. The high quality liner found in the IS-33 features the excellent protective quality of extra polystyrene lining. This EPS material is specifically designed to withstand the impacts from crashes and other collisions and it helps disperse the energy from these impacts outward to minimize any injuries that may occur. The interior of the helmet is both removable and washable and features fabric that is anti-bacterial. Additionally, the inner fabric provides riders with excellent moisture-wicking properties and also is odor resistant.

The HJC IS-33 also features an advanced ventilation system that contains a multi-staged tool of intake and exhaust ports. This advanced system allows superior ventilation. It allows heat and humidity to leave the unit while ushering in airflow that is cool and fresh. Another excellent feature of this helmet it found in its face shield system. The integrated sun shield can be easily raised or lowered and the shield itself can be adjusted into three different positions. The face protector is made of materials that resist fog and can provide riders the maximum protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. The shields can be replaced quickly and securely and don’t require the use of tools in either installation or removal.