Stand Out from the Pack with the Bell Rogue

If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that oozes attitude, the new Bell Rogue helmet provides it in spades. In the world of the half-helmet models, the striking Bell Rogue is the new kid on the block and stands out from traditional 3/4 headgear design. Futuristic and menacing, the innovative Rogue combines functionality with stunning looks. Whether downtown, on a country road or alone on the highway, The Bell Rogue will provide you with a lightweight and comfortable helmet that looks great and will protect you from anything the open road throws at you.

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The Bell Rogue: A Half-Helmet with a Twist

With the Rogue, Bell has introduced a brand new design concept that is turning helmet design on its ear. The Rogue embraces the traditional old school half-helmet that throws in the twist of offering a detachable muzzle. The muzzle itself is not designed for impact defense, but it does protect the rider against all the elements that may come their way, whether it is road grime, bugs, rocks or rain. The Bell Rogue also features a removable liner, which will protect riders against cold air. With the addition of the muzzle to the half-helmet concept, the Rogue stands out from the pack with its aesthetics. Riders will experience the rush of the airflow that an open helmet design provides, but wearers also receive protection from the elements.

Lightweight and Stylish….

This innovative helmet is made from fiberglass and Kevlar that gives it strength without being cumbersome. The helmet weighs an impressive 4 pounds. It comes in a variety of eye catching colors and shades including shiny black, dull black, army green and gunmetal. With available sizes ranging from an XS to a 2XL, the Bell Rogue can fit most any rider. Additionally, the Bell Rogue helmet features high-grade stainless steel D rings as well as metal badges which allow riders to quickly fasten theunit, even if they are wearing gloves. The shield can be easily removed by lifting up and then out the sturdy magnetic fastener. The front part can be attached by getting the connector ends close to the attachment post while magnets finish the job by pulling the muzzle in and snapping it in place. The inside liner is easily detachable, washable and is anti-microbial.

The Bell Rogue: Designed to Protect

The Bell Rogue is constructed from a high-quality and durable combination of hard fiberglass and polyester resin. The inside liner contains poly styrene foam which will protect riders from crash impacts. Unlike traditional half-shell helmets, the Bell Rogue features an extra section that starts at the ears and extends below the half shell in back that provides wearers with more comfort and will help prevent the head protector from riding up, even at top highway speeds.

With the addition of this extra padded section, the Bell Rogue has the fit and look of a exceptional shell helmet. With its durable liner and material that comfortably stays in place, the unit can provide riders with excellent protection in a crash. Additionally, The Bell Rogue is DOT-safety certified and comes with a five-year warranty.

Break the Mold: Buy a Bell Rogue Helmet

Motorcycle helmets come in different styles to suit any rider and any taste. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who is looking for a helmet which makes a memorable first impression, the Bell Rogue is a model that should be at the top of your list. Bold, innovative and dripping with bad biker attitude, this head protector combines style with functionality and safety.

When you purchase the Bell Rogue, you know that you are buying a quality helmet made by a company who has a stellar reputation in the motorcycle industry. For over 60 years, Bell has been manufacturing high-quality helmets and other motorcycle gear for professional and recreational bikers alike. Through their many designs, Bell puts safety first and style second and while the Rogue may look like something out of a science fiction biker movie, you can be assured that you will be fully protected in case of a crash. Stand out from the pack…buy the Bell Rogue today.