The Arai Vector 2: Less is Definitely More

The phrase less is more is one of the most common sayings in the entire lexicon of our language. While this saying implies going back to basics, those who are buying motorcycle helmets may do a double take. You trust your head protector to be functional, lightweight, stylish and above all safe. You may save as far as your pocketbook is concerned but you may not be getting the essential comfort and safety features you need for peace of mind while on the road.

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The Arai Vector 2: Beyond Basic

Arai is one of the most well-known, respected, and high-quality brands in the motorcycle world. While the Vector 2 model has been touted as their basic, entry-level model, the features this unit possesses is anything but basic. The design and safety features of the unit can be found in comparable models that are twice the price. For those who desire the quality and craftsmanship that are unparalleled with an Arai helmet for an appealing price, the Vector 2 is your first choice.

Ergonomic Shell Design Creates a Perfect, Safe Fit

Arai Vector-2 Racing Red

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The Vector 2’s anatomically designed outer shell protects the shock absorbing inner part not only against the penetrating forces caused by collision, it will also saves riders from both abrasions as well as the elements. The model is made using the company’s patented Complex Laminate Construction method, which utilizes aerospace-engineered fiberglass technology to achieve a shell that is 40% stronger than traditional fiberglass and is also flexible and lightweight. The shape of the helmet is created to conform closely to the shape of the human head with not only looks better, but it is more aerodynamic.

Arai’s Patented Microfit Technology: Now Standard with the Vector 2

Once a feature only seen in their flagship models, Arai now uses Micro Fitting technology in its Vector 2 model. This design involves the use of cheek pad layers which can peel away and be easily removed. This gives riders the option of using different density pads for a perfect, custom fit without having to buy separate sets. In addition to peel away cheek pads, the Vector 2 also features peel away temple pads which adds to the customization and versatility of fit for maximum comfort of all riders.

Experience the Ultimate Comfort of EPS Liners

Arai Vector-2 Fluorescent

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The multi-density liner that comes standard with the Vector 2 is like no other liner system in the industry. Comprised of five different densities and molded into a single piece, the interior offered by Arai is the only hybrid liner system in the world. It offers the unique benefit of shock absorption since the directly-fused contact areas that each EPS cell shares with neighboring cells creates a synergistic network of support.

Keep Cool with a State-of-the-Art Ventilation System

The Vector 2 helmet features a new chin vent system that allows air to freely circulate through the unit while giving the product itself a distinctive look. The head protector also features a rubber breathguard that is standard in this model. Additionally, the model has a rear ventilation system air inlets that help accelerate incoming airflow. This greatly improves ventilation throughout the hard cap by the efficient removal of heated and stale air and replacing it with cooler air. The triple-vent rear system can easily be adjusted by use of a large slider.

Other Key Features of the Vector 2 Helmet

Arai Vector-2 Helmet

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This product also comes equipped with other excellent features that add to its comfort and versatility. Some of these characteristics include front ventilation, patented HyperRidge design which encircles the bottom of the helmet for added strength, fully removable and replaceable liners and side exhaust ports for decreased noise. Additionally, the Vector 2 comes standard with a wider eyeport which provides better peripheral and side-to-side vision.

Less is Definitely More with the Arai Vector 2

Arai Vector-2 White

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Arai has long been revered for their innovative helmet designs which feature technologically advanced material and construction. However, many of their helmets were out of the reach of the regular rider due to their high price point. With the introduction of the Vector 2, the quality and prestige of the Arai name can be owned by many bikers at a more affordable price.