Best Motorcycle Helmet Guide

When buying a helmet, you need to consider the type; the safety; proper size and shape; style and comfort. Best motorcycle helmet provides high level of protection during the thrilling high-performance riding with your motorbike. The special head protector can save your life in 40 percent of road incidents. Furthermore, statistics shows that helmet can prevent brain injury in 70 percent of cases. With that knowledge in mind, you can enjoy the speed and agility.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide

How to Choose a Helmet?

Head protectors are made up of a few components – a hard outer shell, a crushable inner liner made out of expanded polystyrene, a soft material such as foam, and straps. The outer surface of the motorcycle helmet is designed to smooth the shock during a crash while the liner absorbs the road noise.

The motorcycle headgear is designed with durable covering and a retention system. The rigid part consists of a shell and a part featuring progressive crushability. The retention mechanism holds the helmet in place during the riding.

There are four main types of head protectors -Full face, Modular, Half Shell and an Off road.

Full Face Helmet

Full face unit is the safest motorcycle helmet. It offers the best protection from facial trauma due to the incorporated hard protective chin guard. These protectors are considered the top rated helmets. The full–flip features a fixed protector of the lower part of the face. It is fitted with effective release mechanism that prevents the system from opening in case of crash. The only downside of the full face model is that it retains more heat than needed in a hot climate.

Pros and Cons

+ Best head protection
+ Best noise isolation
+ Keeps the wind from entering
– Weighs more than modular model
– Retains heat

Best Modular Helmet

This variation of the full face headgear is known as flip-up. It is designed with a mechanism that can be hinged. This allows you to rotate the chin bar. Some protecting units are designed with a separate element which locks to the helmet and covers the chin. Just bear in mind that certifying organizations claim that removable chin guards are not so effective facial protection in accidents.

Both types can be fitted with special face shield. This safeguard provides an eye protection.

Pros and Cons

+ Easily removable when you stop riding for a while
+ Offers better air circulation
– Do not protect the head as effective as full face helmet
– Moderate noise-isolation

Half Helmet

This shorty helmet is the lightest head protection option. It is for people who want to ride with the wind in their face. The open face protector or ¾ helmet, fits the basic motorcyclist`s needs and meets only few of the performance requirements.

Off Road Helmets

These are considered the coolest motorcycle helmets. They are designed to perform in extreme situations and conditions. Motocross and off-road helmets feature elongated protector over the chin and larger visor.


Bold colors and patches that reflect the light in the dark may make you more noticeable to the drivers on the road. Bright-colored head protector can attract the attention from far away. The signature style is very important for passionate motorcyclists. The design of the unit reflect their personal lifestyle.

Further to its cutting-edge style, the helmet has to be nice to wear. The best motorcycle helmet has to be comfortable to wear. That means that it should provide adequately ventilated environment especially in hot climate. The proper air flow is very important if you wear a full faced helmet.


Materials used in the production of the shell should be made out of durable substance. The surfaces should be smoothed and rounded. The material shall resist the exposure to extreme temperatures, rain, and dust. The inner part that mostly contacts with the skin has to be tested. Be sure that there are no metallic parts that might injure the head.

Since some units are made of materials which degenerate with age, the Snell Foundation experts advise to replace the headgear every five years.

The most advanced are carbon fiber helmets. They are durable yet lightweight. Some of the coolest motorcycle helmets are made out of a mix of fiberglass and Kevlar.

Dropping the helmet on a hard surface, especially at high-speed, may change its performance. If you notify that your head protector is damaged, you have to replace it.

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

Variant Thriller - Black

Once you have chosen a headgear, it is important to wear it properly. Helmet stability is very important. The right position of the protective helmet on the head is low on your forehead. Ensure that the retention system holds the head protector securely in place. A motorcyclist has to make all the proper adjustment to find the best fit for the head. Be sure that the helmet offers adequate vision.

It is a good idea to test helmet removability and its mechanisms. For maximum protection, the retention system of the unit must be securely fastened.

Size Chart

Many helmets are designed to fit a range of head shapes. To choose the best helmet, you have to take a head measurement above top of ears. In order to find a helmet that feels comfortable around your head, use a cloth tape measure. If the protector is too big, it can slip off, if it is too small – you will soon feel pressure.

There are tailor-made helmets on the market which are designed to fit a particular shape. The custom fitting adapts the unit to your needs.

Check out your size on the table.

Safety Standards

Motorcycle head protectors offer different degrees of security. Sometimes riders are not able to identify if the helmet meets the standards. However, there are effective way to judge the model. There are special requirements to the certified motorcycle accessory. A couple of organizations monitor the quality of helmets. When buying a helmet, check out the label Snell certificate. This is the most popular organization that tests motorcycling helmets and monitors its protective capacity. It is recognized as an important organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), and American Society of Testing Materials.

Only helmets that provide high protection are proper for motorcycling. No matter whether you are a budget racer and opt for cheap motorcycle head protectors or you insist on costly units, choose protector maintaining the highest levels of security. It protects against collisions with surface, large object and prevents small objects from penetration.

The most popular guidelines are M Standards for motorsports. The standard is released for motorcycling.

How to Take Care of a Motorcycle Helmet?

Place the head protector far from hard objects to prevent damage of the inner foam liner of the helmet. Clean the pads with mild soap water to remove dirt or debris. Avoid cleaning products with harmful chemicals. Do not trim the shell with paint and finishes that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Helmet Accessories

After-market accessories include helmet attachments and components. Add-ons such as Helmet bags and Helmet locks help you to store the protector properly.
Visor, face shields, ear plugs and Helmet cameras are very useful during the riding.

The use of helmet can help you riding safely. The best motorcycle headgear can reduce the risk of injuries in accidents. Statistics shows that most of traumas are caused by head injuries. Wearing a helmet every time you ride a motorbike, can save your life.

Check out the Best Helmets Reviews

HJC CL-17 – Fashion Look And Improved Functions Come Together

HJC CL-17 Matte Anthracite

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The newly developed shell and better ventilation are the main characteristics of the HJC CL-17 lineup which replaces the CL-16 model. The unit meets the Snell standards and DOT Specifications.

The covering part of the head protector is made out of advanced polycarbonate composite material. The shell is lighter and more durable compared to the previous type. The aerodynamic shape reduces turbulence and allows the construction to absorb the shock. This oval headed helmet fits better than the standard round shape protector.

The HJC helmet features innovative design due to straight lines and sharp angles. It offers better riding comfort because of the ventilation system by experts from Automated control services. Vents effectively control the heat and humidity.

The three dimensional design of the face shield provides UV protection. The screen is scratch-resistant. The only downside is that the shield has only 3 operating open and close levels.

This great performer is available in variety of colors – Black (Standard ant Matte), Anthracite, Metallic White, etc.

HJC CL-17 Main Features:

  • Shock absorbing, multi density EPS liner
  • Chin bar vent intake to keep shield from fogging
  • Fog resistant side chin bar
  • Anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking inner part;
  • Easy to clean cheek pads
  • Nylon retention straps.

HJC IS-33 – an Ultimate Experience for Long-distance Riders


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The HJC IS-33 (Open Face) is a 3/4 helmet offering an ultimate motorcycling experience. The main highlight of this road helmet is the sun visor system which enhances wearer`s safety and comfort. The retractable screen features precision and quality. The integrated shield blocks the solar radiation and offers UV protection.

The smoke tint face shield is adjustable which means that it deploys fast and easy. It often happens to face the bright sun while riding your bike. In this case you are able to use an eye protection by moving a button on top of the helmet with a smaller effort. If you do not need the sun visor anymore, you can press the lever to retract it.

Due to the special filters, the face shield eliminates blurred vision. It enables good peripheral vision. This feature is closely related with the motorcycle safety. The one-touch anti-fog function is also a highlight of the face shield. There are replacement shields available on the market.

The HJC IS-33 head protector features a lightweight shell made out of polycarbonate composite material. The inner part is designed with special foam that reduces sweating and eliminates the odor. The silver anti-bacterial fabric is detachable and washable.

Most of the people who already purchased this unit, claim that it is true to size. According to customers, HJC IS-33 is a great combination of quality and price.

HJC IS-33 features

  • Face shield with 3D design and an anti-scratch coating;
  • QuickSlide shield replacementmechanism;
  • Integrated sun visor.

IV2 Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


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When it comes to motorcycle apparel for women, the Matte white pink full coverage for head is a must have. The protector is manufactured by Ivolution Sports, Inc (IV2), a company known as a leader in headgear design. This girly helmet combines high-end style, great performance and decent price.

The Matte white pink full face head protector is made out of polycarbonate, fiber glass and UV protection coating. The high quality components ensure the hat`s durability and lightweight.

The cutting edge technology used in protector`s manufacturing is based on high pressure injection molding. The graphics appeals to most of the girls riding next to their friends. The artwork will make the wearer noticeable even when riding along as passenger. The IV2 manufacturer has created a special UV treated coat that protects the graphic from peeling or fading.

The exterior design includes 5 air intakes and exhaust passages. All ports are effortlessly opened and closed even while wearing gloves. Most of the customers are happy with the visor which is crisp and clear.

Ladies wearing this safe and trendy head protector also enjoy the inner hypo-allergenic liner. This part is removable and washable. This feature is very useful because this helmet can be stuffy to wear in the summer.

The helmet features stainless steel and plastic split which guarantee not only the effortless cleaning but also durability.

The manufacturer and most of the clients claim that chin strap and neck closure are very comfortable. However, some customers complain that it is not easy to manage the strap without assistance. They recommend longer strap. What if you have already purchased a matte white butterfly full face motorcycle helmet? Well, experienced riders advise to do some practice rounds.

The matte white butterfly full face motorcycle helmet is DOT certified. It offers full face and neck coverage, as well as great visibility.

One more thing before you decide on buying this head protector. The size estimation of the ABS composite shell may be tricky. Consider not only the head circumference but also the length and volume of your hair. It is better to try it on first.

Last but not least, the head protector comes with a stylish cloth bag.

Shoei Neotec

Shoei Neotec Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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This helmet was designed with the aid of customer feedback on a previous model which is the Shoei Multitec. The original product was great and received a lot of sales but now the latest head protector is even better.

To look at the main features that have changed to the better, we would love the ventilation that became much better. Extra venting holes were added and this includes an exhaustion venting outlet to make sure that the ventilation system works at its full capacity. This enhancement alone made the Neotec surpass the Multitec with a whole stage and made it of the best once in the market.

There are also other enhancements that include the special shield. Although being a modular helmet Shoei Neotec features granted 360 degrees locking mechanism so that it stays firm at all times. This eliminates the common problem with modular headgears of being too noisy during the ride. This tool helps the wearer to pay attention to the important sounds coming from the engine and the road.

Other great thing regarding this helmet is the change of the flipping mechanism of the face shield, as it is now at the same joint. This not only made the helmet easier to adapt to, but also made it lighter, as less metal is in it now. Another thing is in regards to the interior of the helmet as it became more of three dimensional styles. It is made to be narrow at the neck roll as well as fitting the average head precisely. This design made the helmet much easier to tilt your neck while wearing it.