LAMBORGHINI Diablo Price Announced – Violet SE30 at $227 000

The LAMBORGHINI Diablo price was recently announced. A car collector  is ready to sold his violet SE30 at $227 000. A rare 996 (N) LAMBORGHINI Diablo SE30 is on display in Amari supercars showroom at a base price of only $227 000. The vintage supercar is finished in an attractive Viola Metallic colour. Inside, the 2 door coupe is fitted with Blu Suede Sports Seats with carbon fibre back.

Lamborghini Diablo price

Lamborghini Diablo: Main highlights

The Automobili Lamborghini company has produced only 150 units of Diablo SE30 – a fact that makes the car one of the rarest brand models. This Diablo is a number 142. Most of the cars are kept in private collections.

The Diablo SE30 was create to commemorate the Lamborghini`s 30 years of experience in manufacturing road cars. In comparison with a regular model, the celebratory Lamborghini Diablo features a deeper front spoiler with driving lights. The exotic supercar is fitted twin-duct side intakes, gold plated engine, a carbon fibre engine cover and lightweight magnesium 18″ wheels.

Violet LAMBORGHINI Diablo price   Violet LAMBORGHINI Diablo price announced 2

The 5.7-liter V12 engine is fitted with a free flowing exhaust, modified cylinder head and magnesium castings. The special Diablo supercar boasts 525 bhp with a top speed of 207 mph – faster than many contemporary supercars. This thrilling supercar belonged to the pop singer Jay Kay in 1999 but soon destroyed in a car incident. After that the car was sold twice. Then, the Lamborghini Diablo price was not announced.

Lamborghini Diablo price


  • Price: £149,995
  • Year1996 (N)
  • Mileage 27,190 km
  • Transmission Manual
  • Body Style Coupe
  • Fue lPetrol
  • Number of Keys 1
  • Colour Viola Metallic