2014 SRT Viper ACR

More power and aggressive look are the main features of the upcoming 2014 SRT Viper. It will hit the market as early as 2014. A striking exterior details will be an ultimate Pirelli tires specially developed for the 2014 SRT Viper ACR.

2014 SRT Viper ACR

The car as a place to experiment with technology will be fitted with an aero package, bigger brakes, launch control and traction control as standard equipment,a lower ride height, stiffer springs and anti-roll bars.

The chassis system will be remodeled to increase performance and lower the weight. We expect many chassis refinements and new innovative components in the upcoming Viper.

The 2014 SRT Viper could be powered by a 8.4-liter V10 engine boasting more than the 730hp. The 2014 Viper could be made out of super-formed aluminum and carbon fiber.

Viper engineers will try to achieve a provocative body shapes and effectively reduce mass with the use of lightweight materials including composites and super-formed aluminum.

The US manufacturer is planning to build several Viper models next years. The upcoming cars include Viper Venom, Viper SRT10 and GTS models.

Image: Chrysler-Group