Self-driving vehicles

The hybrid Lexus RX 450h is one of the amazing vehicle featuring Autodriving function. By pushing a special button you could took your hands off the steering wheel and lift your foot from the accelerator. The car will make decisions like continue driving, alert the driver that it’s time to take back control or pull over to the side of the road.

The Lexus hybrid is designed to drive itself just like a person. It would following the curves of the road, speeding up, slowing when a car cut in front. The self-driving-car project has been developed by Google’s department.

Another model in this extraordinary lineup is Toyota Prius. Many auto manufacturers such as Volkswagen are working on self-driving systems in order to bring the innovative technology to the market. In next 10 year we will be able to enjoy the full autonomy and move without wasting our time.

Image: Flexcar Atlanta

Self-driving cars rely on different sensors to gather data about the environment. Smart processors interpret the results and make driving decisions. Amongst the benefits are: safe driving and efficiency. Manufacturers claim that on-board computer will be able to  drive a car safer than a person. Some auto builders are working on traffic jam assist, which combines the information from radar and cameras to allow hands-off highway driving.

Google’s project includes infra-red laser units on the car roof that work together with the cameras and radar systems. This connectivity is essential to Google’s approach. The vehicle compares data to detailed maps created by Google and downloaded to the car. The vehicle can upload its map to Google.

Image: Official Lexus UK