Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute by Romeo Ferraris

Romeo-Ferraris-Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute

The extremely attractive Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute by Romeo Ferraris features an exterior inspired by the American flag. The tiny vehicle is based based on a Fiat 500.

The Cinquone Stradale USA Tribute delivers 235hp coming from a 1.4 liter four cylinder engine fitted with a turbocharger. The US-themed car features a wide body kit with bloated fenders, modified bumpers, a ventilated hood and revised side skirt.

The hallmark of the two-seater car is its aerodynamic kit.

About Romeo Ferraris

Romeo Ferraris has been working in automotive business since 1959. His first project was Giancarlo Baghetti’s Lancia. Since then, he has experimented with 67 models in Italian, European, World Championships, and Offshore races. He also started developing the powerful 9.000 cc offshore diesel engines.

In 70s Romeo Ferraris focused on the speedboat business.