Guldstrand Chevrolet Corvette GS90 Coupe

The Guldstrand Chevrolet Corvette GS90 Coupe is a conversion of 475-horsepower Corvette ZR-1 created by the racing driver and car enthusiasts Dick Guldstrand and designer Steve Winter.

Guldstrand Chevrolet Corvette

The Guldstrand Corvette GS90 Coupe features a significantly changed exterior. In fact, only side glass, windshield and rear view mirrors, remain the same as the production model. The aerodynamic body of the tuned Corvette features bold and muscular lines. The car is finished in Nassau blue paint with a single bold white racing stripe.

The design of this exclusive sports car was inspired by the 1963 Ferrari GTO. The cabin was individualized by special GS90 dash plaque.

The redesign includes a new anti-roll bars, modified coil-over suspension, exposed head lights, larger 18-inch aluminum wheels and tires.

The Corvette GS90 Coupe hits the 0-60 time in 4-second with a top speed of over 175mph.

Guldstrand sold only six examples at a price of $206,208. The Guldstrand Chevrolet Corvette GS90 Coupe was revealed at 1994 Los Angeles auto show.