Drayson B12 69 Hyper EV

Drayson B12 69 Hyper EV is an all-electric, custom-built racing car. It is developed by Drayson Racing Technologies, United Kingdom. The sports vehicle is fitted with a electric power system consisting of 30kWh battery featuring carbon fiber cell and four electric motors. The Drayson B12 69/EV pumps out 800hp and hits the 0-100mph time in 5 seconds.


Drayson Racing

The Drayson B12 69/EV is based on a Lola chassis design.

The vehicle was chosen by UK former politician Lord Paul Drayson to set a new speed record with a racer weighing less than 1000kg. He plans to break the 200mph barrier in an all-electric vehicle.
The attempt for the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record in the sub-1000kg class is taking place at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire.

Drayson B12 69/EV Technical Specification

• Carbon Lola LMP1 chassis
• 640 kW, 850 Bhp
• 4 Axial Flux Motors (2 per rear wheel) with integrated transmission
• Single speed and independent drive
• Stress bearing battery and gearbox housings
30 kWh
Charging System
• 20kW QualcommHalo wireless charging system
• Cosworth ECU platform with DRT control algorithms
Active Dynamics:
• Brake energy regeneration, Torque Vectoring and Traction Control
• Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Energy Recovery Dampers (DSERD)
Active Aerodynamics:
• Active dive planes, rear wing and gurney flap.
• Front-380mm Carbon Disks, 6-pot calipers and carbon pads
• Rear -355mm Carbon Disks, 6-pot calipers and carbon pads
• 1095kg without a driver