Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Coupe by Bijan Pakzad

Bijan's custom Bugatti on Rodeo Drive. Photo by Ted Soqui ©2011
Bijan’s custom Bugatti on Rodeo Drive. Photo by Ted Soqui ©2011

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Bijan‘s love of automobiles was the inspiration behind designing his Bugatti. As a tribute to him, this particular Bugatti Veyron is being exhibited in front of the Rodeo Drive Showroom.

Some design elements of this car include a personalized two-toned paint in Bijan yellow and black. The front bonnet is “tattooed” with the Bocca Della Verita (Mouth of Truth); which is prominent in many of Bijan’s designs, and the rear air break bears Bijan’s personal signature of course, in his signature hue yellow.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 coupé is world famous for being the paradigm in automobile speed and luxury. The automobile, which is produced in Molsheim, France, boasts a 1001 horsepower 16-cylinder engine and equipped with four turbo chargers. The Veyron can achieve a top speed of 253 mph (408 km/h) in less than one minute.

Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport designed with Bijan Pakzad Tribute

Bijan’s Custom Bugatti Veyron